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Access to Priority Lead Assignments 
Maintain, organize and optimize your Military related sales with the many features included in your VREB Network Membership.   

Lead Capture Websites

Capture more leads with our Customized Agent Website, Lender Profiles and VREB University Registrations Pages


Agents and lenders gain the opportunity of joining forces and marketing together. Build an untouchable team with VREB.

Validated Leads

VREB’s is one of the few platforms that effectively verifies leads prior to assigning them over to agents and lenders.

Track Recent Transactions and Veteran Rewards

Leads and referrals are great. However, it gets overwhelming without an efficient platform to successfully track and translate what’s moving through the pipeline. VREB provides a proprietary platform specifically for your needs, ensuring the process is smoother than ever. Effortlessly track transactions as well as the status of veteran rewards.

Member Dashboard

Whether you’re a lender utilizing our buyers desk solution or a network agent managing your referrals, VREB Network has a solution for your needs.

VREB pairs veterans with agents and lenders in an average of 3 business hours, all while being overseen by an account manager. Meanwhile, the agent dashboard tracks leads, manages referrals, and provides marketing materials.

Co-Marketing Relationship

Our network brings the process full-swing by not only allowing, but encouraging our members to collaborate. Open new doors by building relationships with agents, lenders, and firms.

Launching your career and building your professional network are just a couple of the possibilities. Start co-branding with VREB Network today!
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Validated Leads

VREB Network is one of the few programs in the Real Estate industry that screens leads and prequalifies buyers prior to distributing among agents and lenders. How do we do it? Our team contacts leads and takes potential clients through a series of questions ensuring they are serious about the inquiry and ready to purchase/sell.

We all know how frustrating it is to get what seems to be a good lead but it’s either the wrong phone number or an unattainable location. That’s why we verify contact information, location, and their current agent and lender status.

Increase productivity with VREB Network.