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VCA Course

The Veteran Certified Agent Course is the Real Estate Industry’s mark of excellence when it comes to working with Veterans. Fully-understand veteran speak, the VA Loan process, appraisals, and representing buyers and sellers with the VCA.

Agent Fastrack

Get a jump start and learn all of the ins-and-outs of VREB Network with our Agent Fast Track Course. This quick course will answer any questions you may have about referrals, warranties, reward checks and more. Become an expert on how to market yourself with VREB and grow your military related sales!

Lender Fastrack

Fast Track your Loan Officer, and train up on how to leverage the VREB program to grow your loan applications and enhanced close rates. This quick course takes you thru, how to offer the program to borrowers, how the program works, and even how to market the program.

Buyer’s Course

VREB University’s Buyer’s Course provides information on everything you need to know about buying from VA loans and entitlements to working with your buyer’s agent and lender. Detailed overview of the home buying process. In addition, the buyer’s course provides a detailed overview on the home buying process and getting your VA Certificate of Eligibility.

Seller’s Course

VREB University’s Certified Seller’s Course uncovers the ins and the outs on selecting and working with your network agent. From dealing with home inspections and appraisals to pricing your home accordingly, the Seller’s Course teaches you all that you need to know. Additional lessons detail selling versus foreclosure and much more!